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About Me

As a student at Pacific Lutheran University, I have expanded my skill base in both arts and sciences by not only majoring in fine art but also minoring in both theatre and psychology. For me art is more than just a pretty thing to look at, it is the true representation of an individual and a means to communicate. Over the last few years I have begun to realize more fully the adage “it takes a village to raise a child” and I have had an exceptional village filled with some amazing people. It is the teachers and role models that help shape and form us into the people we are meant to be. I have LOVED my art classes over the years and I want to portray that same love of learning and acceptance to people.

Someday I hope to be a practicing art therapist focusing on the youth of our communities, where I can be part of “the village” helping others grow into who they are meant to be. Through my experiences at PLU it has given me the opportunity to do what I truly love. 

Painting Easels
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