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Portfolio of Work

Senior Capstone


A costume can tell a story all its own. The ability to express an idea in a 3-dimensional form can move and take on a whole new life when one wears it. me that equally portrays the individuality of the person.


Cosplay Costumes


As I am inspired by many different source, I am constantly trying to find new way to express my passions. Here you will find a collection of Disney and Disney/Pixar character inspired costumes. Though none of these designs I claim to be my own, I have put my own artistic touch on the desings made for these characters by the fantastic minds who work for the Disney company.

"You're mad. Bonkers. Off your head ...

But I'll tell you a secret ...

some of the best people are."

— Alice, Alice in Wonderland

Highschool AP Art Portfolio 2018

3D Design

My concentration focuses on the feelings that are often suppressed or hidden from those around us due to fear or shame. “Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take, is to be seen as we truly are” (Cinderella). When one begins to trust someone, he/she finds that people are so much more than their superficial self. My pieces represent feelings that, when suppressed, can consume us on the inside, i.e. the need to please others or life's pressures.

Natalee Attempting to Mend.jpg

High School AP Portfolio 2017

2D Design

This is your Project description. Whether your work is based on text, images, videos or a different medium, providing a brief summary will help visitors understand the context and background. Then use the media section to showcase your project!

Costume Design

Watercolor Designs

Here you can see some of my costume design work in my 2D hand-painted watercolor designs.

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